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catalogue-design-myra-digitalOnedoor Press is a premiere printing house in Kolkata where all kinds of requirements on demand are met without a hitch. It’s a printing press in Kolkata, which caters to entire range of needs and requirements of its customers. OnedoorPress is a name which has a lot of prestige attached to it. Srinivas Press right from its inception has been focused in establishing itself as a printing house in Kolkata of repute. Due to its steadfastness and dedication, Srinivas Press has become one of the most preferred printing houses in Kolkata

The journey has been long but what matters is that at the end Srinivas Press has been successful in launching itself as a printing house in Kolkata to be reckoned with. It was established in the year 1980 with a letter-press infrastructure and gradually adopted the latest technologies in digital printing. With a view to deliver print jobs for clients and help them achieve their business target under one roof, we have our own pre-press, printing and post-press units. Experienced in printing industry for decades we specialize in delivering affordable and quality services till date to educational institutions, corporates and individuals. At Srinivas Press we never compromise on quality, because, we strongly believe customer satisfaction is our greatest ascatalog-design-23set. That’s why today we are proud to be associated with some well-known Schools, Colleges, Universities, IT companies, NGOs along with Government organisations all over India. We are fortunate to deliver our print product successfully to MNCs in abroad also. Our Testimonial section speaks the rest. It is Srinivas Press’s belief that even after having established itself as a reputable printing house in Kolkata, it needs to constantly be able to emulate and integrate with cutting edge technology. By so doing, it would thereby ensure that it’s a printing house in Kolkata which is on the forefront.